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Studio Lighting Class

Ask any professional photographer what makes a great image and they will say that lighting is the key. Lighting is responsible for all areas of photography, from the most basic elements of exposure to the passion and expression seen in artistic composition.


Whether or not you have professional aspirations, or a great love for photography, Jack's studio lighting class can add to your accomplishments.


Our class will be taught by award winning photographer and C.S. Kern employee Tony Frederick. Mr. Frederick plans on sharing his expertise about lighting as well as his advice on practical application in the working world.


All you need to bring with you is a basic knowledge of the camera and it's use. We'll supply the rest.


Let your vision stand out from the sea of photographers

through a new understanding of expressive lighting.

Learn how to control situations in which natural light doesn't give you what you want.

Set the creative drive behind your images into motion!


Topics Covered in Class

1. Strobe equipment and its operation

2. Modifiers such as umbrellas, light boxes and grid spots

3. Various set ups for portraiture and still life

4. Real world applications and techniques


Location: 308 E. Main Street (two doors over from Jack's entrance)


Hope to see you in class!


For more info or to sign up  click here

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