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Product Specifications

ProMaster  Cityscape 140 Courier Bag  

Main specs

Type of Bag:  Camera Bag

Available Color(s):  Hazelnut Brown, Charcoal Grey


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ProMaster-Cityscape 140 Courier Bag-Bags and Cases



1 Small Tripod, Multiple lenses, Accessories, 1 DSLR Body


12.25 x 8.0 x 4.75"

Closing Mechanism

Flap and Velcro

Lens Compartment


Tripod Carrier

capable to hold a small tripod

Accessories Pouch


Notebook Compartment

tablet compartment


Available Color(s)

Hazelnut Brown, Charcoal Grey


Not Specified

Type of Bag

Camera Bag


Waterproof Capabilities

Not specified

Modular Capabilities

Large interior space to hold up to a DSLR or mirrorless camera, numerous lenses, and a speedlight. Numerous pockets in the front ofthe bag hold all types of items. Slot inside of the bag for holding a laptop or tablet.


The PROMASTER CITYSCAPE 140 COURIER BAG is ideal for the photographer on the go. With room for a camera, accessories, tablet, water bottle, and more. This bag can multi task like you do! Outside pockets offer quick access and help with lens changes. For full bag access, fold the main flap along its seams and tuck it into the back pocket of the bag.
The comfortable shoulder strap is generously long for use overthe shoulder or cross-body. The shoulder pad slides in both directions along the strap, so the bag can be ‘slung’ around your body from front to back for many shooting and carrying
positions. Numerous pockets in the front of the bag hold items such as: a lens pen, writing pen, memory cards, wallet, keys, white balance filter, filters, spare batteries, and more. Gussets on the pockets
in strategic locations allow expandability. Two end pockets are cleverly designed so you can tuck a water
bottle, lens, flash, or a small tripod in and behind the strap anchor point. Leave one of these pockets empty until it’s time to
change a lens and you now have a ‘3rd hand’ for quick changes! Once your Cityscape Courier is fully loaded, the large flap covers the entire bag for security. For maximum access, fold the flap into 3 sections following the seams, then tuck it into the back pocket of the bag.

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