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Product Specifications

Cokin  A151 Gradual Fog 2 Filter  

Main specs

Type:  graduated filters

Mount Thread (mm):  A series

Available Colors: 


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Cokin-A151 Gradual Fog 2 Filter-Filters



graduated filters

Available Colors

Not Available

Exposure Increase

Not Available

Optical Effect

COKIN Fog Filters add a touch of dream and mystery to your photos.
By the lakeside, they evoke the magical hour when elves and sprites dance in the mist. In a swirling sea mist, the most innocent sailing boat becomes a ghost ship. At the end of the day, in a thick city fog, car headlights recreate the atmosphere of crime thrillers.By night, old isolated houses take on the air of haunted houses.Particularly if a lone, diffused light is shining upstairs, in an effect worthy of a horror film !

These filters may be confined with COKIN Graduated and Sunset Filters. There is infinite play in the clarity between the foreground and background by simply adjusting the position of the Fog Filter in the Filter-holder. The more distant the background, the more natural the fog effect.

Number / Filter Factor

Not Available

Mount Thread (mm)

A series




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