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Jacks Camera  Macro Tips & Techniques  

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Description:  This is a hands on class designed to offer pointer on Macro or Close-Up pho...

Location:  2 Doors East of Jack's Entrance


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Jacks Camera-Macro Tips & Techniques-Classes and Events

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This is a hands on class designed to offer pointer on Macro or Close-Up photography.
We will have equipmenton hand to illustrate its usage and different sets to play and
capture interesting close-up images with your camera.

Topics to be covered:

  • Tripod usage and options
  • Close-Up lenses
  • Cable releases
  • Hand held tips
  • Reflectors
  • Focus settings and options
  • Scene mode settings
  • White balance
  • Flash and LED lights
  • Lens reversal rings.
Please bring your camera with a fully charged battery, memory card, tripod and other equipment you have avaialbe. 
Please bring note taking materials for future reference.

Class is limited to the first 14 students with paid enrollment.

If you have specific questions you want answered in class please email them to
gregtesches@gmail.com and reference the class date in the subject line.


2 Doors East of Jack's Entrance


Macro Tips & Techniques

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